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Chatbots Are
Automated A.I Computer Programs

Chatbots simulate conversations via Instant Messaging, are customized to fit a business' needs, answer inquiries, and generate more sales

Industries Benefiting From Chatbots

Bots can have a major impact on enhancing customer experiences and can benefit businesses in various industries.

eCommerce Business

Manage, customize and boost your entire eCommerce business with ease and efficiency.

Customer service

Provide customers with 24/7 customer service, and personalized conversational flows.

Schooling and Education

Chatbots can send alerts with homework assignments as well as major school announcements.

Improve Lead Generation

Chatbots approach customers on a personal level increasing sales and brand loyalty.

Restaurants and Hospitality

Chatbots manage orders and inventory, promote dishes and send out offers and coupons.

And more...

We're continuously expanding our services range to help more and more industries, stay tuned!

Building Bots Became
Easy Like It Never Was

On a step-by-step process, get easy to follow
instructions, and build your perfect bot on a

Managing The Business
In a Wholly Professional

Get a well-rounded management experience
without losing your conversation flow, as well
as simplify and personalize everything.

Why Chatbots?

Chatbots will open for your business a new sales channel, personalize your band and deal with customer inquiries.


Help your business bring in more leads, grow a more diverse audience, and increase your conversion rates.


Customize your online brand image to suit particular business needs. Give it a persona that will draw in customers.


Open a two-way conversation channel with your audience to appear more approachable and improve your reach.


Open a new alternative sales channel that will help double your current sales and drive up your retention rate.

How Can Botme Help You To Grow Your Business?

Botme helps you deal with your entire business, increases your conversion rate and reaches new marketing channels.

Versatile Platform

Helps a variety of businesses reach their full potential.

Easy To Customize

Easy to modify to suit each business’ particular needs.

Form Direct Links

Open two-way communication channels with customers.

Manage It All

Manage your business and your bot in one place.

Automated Chats

Give 24/7 support, information and offers.

Work Better

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  • No Credit Card Required
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Botme Connect

Improve your reach, conversion rates, form direct links and better conversation flows.

Botme Commerce

Build bots, increase conversion rates and manage your business all in one platform.

Botme Restaurant

Soon you’ll be able to take orders from customers via chatbots in a personal way.