About Botme

We noticed there was a large gap between chatbot building platforms
and business operations as well as limited personalization between
companies and clients. That gave us a golden opportunity to fill this gap.

Who Are We?

A group of talented professionals hailing from Egypt. We assembled together in Cairo to work on making Botme happen.

Building a platform that would combine two major functions, easy chatbot building and professional business operation management, was what our team was going for.

Business integration with chatbots is not a common concept around the world, making Botme one of the firsts to implement it in such a way. We aren’t only looking to build a chatbot building platform, our goal is to integrate businesses without business providers or services.

Our future plans include posting new innovations and providing developers with a place to post their own bot-related products.

We Are Heros!
Meet Our Team

Meet the masterminds behind Botme. This
skilled team exerted round the clock effort,
working 24/7, just to bring this project to life.

Say Hi!

Saaid Elhakeem

Co-Founder & COO

A closet blogger on anything that comes to mind, with a deep desire to explore Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Soliman Samy

Co-Founder & CTO

A hard worker who enjoys the serenity of nature, and solitary fishing excursions.

Omar Ahmed

Software Engineer

An addict of anything in relation to computers and coding. Likes to be on top of the latest technology has to offer.

Asmaa Tahoon

Software Engineer

A horselover who can tune anyone out with the help of good music, wants to learn how to play the Oud.

Ahmed Wahba

Senior Product Designer

A gym goer who likes to lay back watching movies when he’s not working.

Sayed Esmail

Frontend Developer

A playstation gamer who enjoys the occasional ping pong match. Can’t resist the lure of a good plate of stuffed grapevine leaves.

Omar Ghandour

Junior Software Engineer

A peruser of history books, with a desire to experience living in different living situations.

Toka Samir

Social Media Manager

A Grey’s Anatomy fan who loves winding down to cheesy dramas and likes to work to the tunes of Hans Zimmer.

Aliaa El-Nashar

Content Writer

A language enthusiast with an unhealthy coffee addiction that spends more than her share of time reading.

Mai Mohamed

Graphic Designer

A travel aficionado with a deep-seated love of different cultures and drawing smiles on people’s faces.

Be One Step Ahead
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Make your move and put your business on the
grid. Choose the bot that will help make that
happen and get started now.

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Botme Connect

Improve your reach, conversion rates, form direct links and better conversation flows.

Botme Commerce

Build bots, increase conversion rates and manage your business all in one platform.

Botme Restaurant

Soon you’ll be able to take orders from customers via chatbots in a personal way.