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A Revolutionary
Solution To Meet a
Business’ Needs.

The rise of conversational commerce is a
breakthrough for companies to advance in a
technologically-oriented world.

Make The Choice

The customer will click on the shop now button in the welcome message then view the available products or peruse the different categories.

Add To CartAdd To Cart

The customer will add the desired product to the cart clicking the add to cart button then go to the cart button in the persistent menu.

Make a Last Check

The customer will view their cart, ensure everything is as it should be, from products to quantities, then click on checkout.

Complete The Transaction

The customer will fill in all the required data for the transaction to go through, then click on place order.

Hack Your Sales Funnel
With The Use Of

Open alternative sales channels, simplify
buying on the go, and personalize products to
recommend the most suitable ones.

How Can Botme Commerce Drive Up Your Sales?

The open and conversion rate for usual funnels like email and social media
aren't high, Botme can double your odds.

Adding Your Products is Simple

With your bot you can upload all your products from one sheet, and integrate the bot with your ready-made website.

Use Promotions to Sell More Products

Add variations and discount sales as well as configure sale prices. Make offers and coupon codes for people to use.

View And Manage Your Orders

Find out the quantities of items sold as well as find out the performance of your bot and your eCommerce business.

Control Order Statuses And Invoices

Manage orders and shipping methods, view order statuses and send out notifications with order and status updates.

Offer Incentives To Buy

Provide offers as well as coupons to increase your audience, improve your conversion rate and motivate customers to buy more.

Send Out Broadcast Messages

Inform customers of your latest offers, events, upselling, newsletters, and collections to drive them to buy more.

In-Depth Analytics in no Time

Get rich real-time analytics on your store and follow through with the constant changes in conversion rates.

Sale Jackpots and Average Order Values

Receive notifications of checkout success rates, item order statuses, and identify the most popular price margins.

Manage Your Business Via a Bot

Manage mode offers you many options, it helps you manage your checkout settings, shipping settings as well as fees.

Handle Invoices and Payment Settings

Manage the invoicing settings to what works best for you as well as offer the payment gateways you can accept.

Configure Your Payment Methods

Add various payment methods to facilitate things for your customers as well as quick access to them with one tap.

Control Your Payments and Cash Flow

You can add a cash on delivery option, alter the delivery fees per location, as well as generate shipment slips.

Be One Step Ahead
With Botme !

Make your move and put your business on the
grid. Choose the bot that will help make that
happen and get started now.

  • No Credit Card Required
  • Easy Setup
  • Cancel Anytime

Botme Connect

Improve your reach, conversion rates, form direct links and better conversation flows.

Botme Commerce

Build bots, increase conversion rates and manage your business all in one platform.

Botme Restaurant

Soon you’ll be able to take orders from customers via chatbots in a personal way.