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Personalize user experiences and reach out to your users on
a personal level.

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Botme Brings You The Best Way To Build Your Own Bot

If you want to increase your engagement or promote yourself, BotMe can
help you do that by launching your bot.

Fast, Flexible & Fun

Build your bot with ease and speed, without any previous developing experience needed.

Reach New Customers

Personalize the experience for your audience to better grab their undivided attention.

Help Your Customers

Create An easy WAY to manage conversation flow and send out individualized broadcasts.


Get rich real-time analytics to know about your customers' preferences and interests.

  • Engage On a Personal
    Level With Your

    Easy personal communication between
    businesses and users became a priority for
    people all over the world, chatbots facilitate it.

  • Deal with F.A.Q.
    inquiries and customer

    Keep customers happy, increase conversion rates, and create a consistent image that will earn the customers' trust with ease

  • Stay on top of
    the influential market

    Retain people's interest in your offerings, grow your fanbase and assert yourself without the added effort and frustration required.

  • Filter out the
    dead leads that will go

    No matter your business, get the right attention, find the people most likely to go through the sales funnel and increase your sales.

Botme Can Help You To Communicate With Your Users

Everything you need to get products to market quicker, enhance customer
experiences and increase order accuracy.

Easiest Bot Building

Customize your bot’s conversational script with simple blocks and building boxes, immediately seeing the changes.

Add and Edit Your Bots Without a Problem.

With the help of our platform, you can build more than one bot, add them easily, as well as edit existing bots.

Predict, Prepare, and Respond

Import sheets and previously compiled F.A.Qs quickly, your AI will automate responses and get instant replies.

Collect Data to Create an A.I. Engine.

AI intelligence can be triggered to respond to specific words and answer accordingly with programmed responses.

Send Out Broadcast Messages

Send broadcasts immediately, schedule them, or even segment them to suit specific users with particular interests.

Receive Analysis on Broadcast Messages

Get detailed analysis on previous broadcasts so you can find out your open rate, click rate and overall reach.

Configure Your Bot’s Settings.

Connect your bot to any platform you want, publish in seconds and customize your bot's persistent menu easily.

Assign Different Roles to Your Employees.

Add your entire team to help manage the bot, assign differing roles for each member, such as admins and others.

Chatbots':' Business Extensions.

Integrate your bot with your Facebook page, be more accessible and reachable to your customers, all with one tap.

Publish Your Bot on Other Platforms.

Quickly connect your chatbots to your Facebook app, reach your audience easily and take full control of both.

Get The Analysis You

Find out your user count, engagement rate and which messages had the biggest impact through personal analytics.

Receive In-depth Analysis on Your Users.

Get to discover your users' demographics and psychographics to further personalize settings to your users' liking.

Be One Step Ahead
With Botme !

Make your move and put your business on the
grid. Choose the bot that will help make that
happen and get started now.

  • No Credit Card Required
  • Easy Setup
  • Cancel Anytime

Botme Connect

Improve your reach, conversion rates, form direct links and better conversation flows.

Botme Commerce

Build bots, increase conversion rates and manage your business all in one platform.

Botme Restaurant

Soon you’ll be able to take orders from customers via chatbots in a personal way.